In Search of.  Looking.  Wanting more.  Not more stuff.  More Life.  As in, “something’s missing here”.  As in, “There must be more.


But beyond that, some things about me

  • I was born in 1968, as a male, and fully intend to stay that way
  • I have friends who are not the same gender of their birth
  • I’m an introvert…if you don’t like that, go to the mall…you won’t find me there
  • I say “hi” to people I pass on the trail, beach or sidewalk unless they give me the “You don’t exist” turn of the head.
  • I care (most extroverts gasp and begin an immediate conversation about whether that’s even possible)
  • I love quietness and contemplation
  • I love talking to a good friend for hours and hours about deep and life-changing things
  • I love the outdoor world: mountains, beaches, streams, lakes, sunrises and sets and all that goes with it: hiking, camping, backpacking, 4-wheeling, snowshoeing.  I love doing it even more with a couple good friends
  • I’m divorced.
  • I feel much better about myself than I did before I was divorced.
  • I was a Christian pastor for 18 years.  Whew…..
  • I’ve also worked as a bee-keeper welder/fabricator and carpenter.
  • In May 2017 I achieved a career change by landing an IT job helping build a really cool computer system for a really cool operation.
  • I love horses (almost like “teenage girl with blond hair, pink cowboy boots and horse pictures all over the wall of her bedroom” kind of love).  I own one of them (horses…).  And I said “almost“.  I do not have pink cowboy boots.
  • I believe in God as described in the Holy Bible, especially the New Testament
  • I read my Bible almost every day.
  • I almost never attend the “weekend magic” event that people mistakenly call “church”.  I don’t like being manipulated.
  • Every Saturday is my spiritual day.  The whole day.  I spend time with and among things I love…for the whole day.  I never miss it.  Never.
  • I think Budda, Jesus and Eckert Tolle would have a lot of common ground to talk about.
  • I hate jogging
  • I love mountain trail and beach running.  And I SMILE when I do it (I don’t look like I’m about to die)
  • I miss my son, and my daughter…beyond words…
  • I wish I had one good friend I could talk to face to face every week

One comment

  1. Object of Contempt · February 17, 2017

    Glad you don’t have pink boots. 😉

    Haven’t been to church for a while myself. I’ve been in evangelical churches for many years, and focussed on the New Testament. I’ve been more focussed on the Old Testament for the last 3 years or so. Things are starting to make sense more than ever before, but I’m still in the middle of it all. Very uncomfortable place to be, even when everything else is going well.


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