An acquaintance of mine published a blog (you can read that by clicking here) that inspired me to the following:

She wrote: “No matter how much plucking I have done, the weeds still grow.”

My own list of need-to-forgives is very long. A recent divorce is only one element among many. But I can give the same testimony to the practice as you describe here. Pluck, every day. Every single day. I pluck those weeds of resentment. And when I pluck, I bless. I bless the names and faces and the lives of the people I am so tempted to hate. Then, the next day, I seem to turn around and those weeds are threatening to be in full bloom again…so I pluck and bless again. I wish for them a peace that will lead them beyond the things they have done to me. This process has led us to see that “forgiveness” is never a moment, a solitary, do-it-once event. It is a journey; a journey that will continue for the rest of our lives.

And how grateful we are when we realize that this practice prunes and protects our hearts from ever being a tangled and ferocious bramble of thorns ready to rip any movement toward love, joy or peace. This practice of forgiveness is perhaps the most beautiful, the most life-giving, the most heart-securing we can engage in.

By the help of your testimony here, may there be more and more who find this true way!

Live blessed.



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